What does Foundation Music School mean to you?

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Over the past 15 years, Foundation Music School has played a role in impacting thousands of students through group classes, private lessons, and music therapy.

Each week, Foundation Music School provides almost 35 hours of Music Therapy Outreach in our community, over 20 hours of group classes in-house, and teaches over 125 hours of private lessons!

Hear what one FMS parent, Gena, has to say about the impact of Foundation Music School on her family:

"My kids have attended Foundation Music School for nearly 5 years and have loved every moment. They began in Family Music classes, then Preschool Music classes, Group Instrument classes, and my daughter now takes Private Piano lessons.

During the toddler and preschool classes, my kids not only learned to love music but also made meaningful connections with their teachers.

Teaching foundational music skills through play and fun, the teachers at Foundation Music School are some of the best early-education professionals I have ever seen.

The excellence continued in the Group Instrument classes. My daughter entered kindergarten as a shy student who strived for perfection. In Group Piano classes, she was challenged and had to work to build competence. Her teacher helped her learn how to learn, and she now seeks out challenges.

Her confidence in music grew in her two years of Group Piano classes. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, this confidence carried over into her academic and social life.

This once quiet girl is now practicing to enter her school talent show in which she will perform in front of the entire elementary school. Foundation Music School is one of the most amazing things Fort Collins has to offer and we are grateful to be a part of their community.” -Gena, Penny's mom

Here's what Penny has to say about Foundation Music School:

“I love Foundation Music School so much. I loved that I got to try out different instruments in the Preschool Music classes. Group Piano classes were so much fun because I got to learn piano with friends and play a lot of music games.

Private lessons with Ms. Karrie are the best because it’s just me and I get to learn what interests me.

I like to play the piano because I can learn to play really hard songs. I’m nervous and excited to perform at my first recital but I know I will be prepared.”

-Penny, an FMS student for almost 5 years

Please give generously to keep providing valuable music lessons, music classes, and music therapy for students like Penny.

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