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Please Support Foundation Music School!

We hope that you keep Foundation Music School in your year-end giving plans for 2023. The need for our music therapy services has been growing. Our staff has worked tirelessly to help everyone who comes to us. Every dollar you donate directly helps a child heal from debilitating genetic, developmental, or psychological conditions that may prevent participation in a school setting or seeking employment.

Music Therapy is a powerful and evidence-based form of therapy that has been shown to provide immense benefits to those suffering from a wide range of physical, emotional, and psychological conditions. Unfortunately, despite its proven effectiveness, music therapy is not covered by health insurance, leaving many people without access to this valuable form of treatment.

Your tax-deductible donation, no matter how big or small, will change the course of a neighbor's life.

Thanks you from everyone at Foundation Music School for your consideration.

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What impact will my donation have?

Hear what some of our families have to say about Foundation Music School:

From a parent who has bringing her son to FMS for the pats 14 years:

"I remember when we first came to you. Beginning with his diagnosis at age 3, I have researched many therapy options for him that would give him the ability to access and make sense of the world around him, as well as address deficits in his learning. I also want his therapy to have an element of fun!

I found all this and more at FMS. His challenging behaviors can make teaching and learning a difficult process, but the therapists who have worked with him over the years have an attitude of joy and celebration that I believe results in his love of music.

Music Therapy is one of the most dynamic and comprehensive forms of therapy in my opinion. While making beautiful music together, therapists are able to help him with: counting, pattern recognition, multi-step direction, sequencing, tactile improvement and more.

Because of his time with you, he has discovered a love of the violin, drums, and piano, things I couldn’t even believe were possible for him. He loves coming to therapy each week, and I love seeing him grow.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the work you do."

From a parent of a child on the spectrum:

"When we were discussing extracurricular activities, we knew music lessons would help build confidence and give our son a way to express himself. These two things were a bit challenging for him and we didn't want him feeling like he did not have an outlet. Self-expression is key to a healthy life. Our job as parents is to help our son develop a deep love for something. Playing an instrument is something he will always carry with him. I deeply believe that music is a universal language. Music provides a platform for human connection and healing.

   We heard about Foundation Music School through a friend. As soon as I took a tour and spoke with Mrs. Karen - I knew it was the right place for our son. It provides such a nurturing and safe environment where children of all abilities can connect and develop a personal relationship with music. FMS removed the financial barrier by connecting us with a scholarship program. Our son set sail on his piano journey and we were so excited for him! As the semester started, I noticed right away that he became focused - he was able to sit and attend to a task the entire session. We also noticed his language was flowing. He was more confident when he spoke to others - the shyness was dissipating. When he was stuck on something, he was able to work through it instead of giving up and getting frustrated. He was taking pride in his musicianship. It was as if piano unlocked untouched avenues in his brain. He also attended the day camps and summer camps FMS offers on a regular basis. These camps are wonderful opportunities to build social skills and also build musicianship between peers. We are so grateful for FMS and all that they do for our son and for the Fort Collins community. I hope they never underestimate the difference they make for children. We will be a Foundation Music school family for life!"

From a parent of a private lesson student:

"Foundation Music School has been a part of our son’s life for 10 yrs. Nearly every week since he was 9 months old, we have been enrolled in a music class or a music lesson. 

We started in Family Music for babies, moved into Family Music for toddlers and then we started private ukulele lessons when our son was just 3 yrs old. We have had the same music teacher since he was 18 months. 

Music has become a creative outlet for our son. His private lesson instructor has been able to find pieces from movie soundtracks to classic rock songs to classical music, the various pieces help keep him engaged. He has performed in many winter recitals and enjoys preparing for Student Achievement Day.   

Foundation Music School is a part of our family. We are so thankful for all the options that have been offered and that there is this musical outlet for our son. What a wonderful space for our son to grow in todays world. "

     Thank you for your generous support to spread joy and make life changing differences to youth in Fort Collins through music!

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