Changing Lives
One Note at a Time

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is for everyone

Everyone should have the chance to experience life changes through music. Come see how we make music a real possibility for everyone regardless of their age, ability, or income. Our scholarship program makes music affordable for all and our non-profit status means we have a sincere heart for our community.

Our Programs

Our classes and lessons are designed for individuals of all ages and abilities. Try a free class preview or a free lesson preview today and discover just how unique Foundation Music School is when it comes to learning music.

Because it's our mission to ensure that music is affordable for all, we offer financial assistance for families. Complete a scholarship application today and we'll contact you within days with the result.

Family Music

Nurture your child's developing brain and body through music and movement.

Preschool Music

Using music, movement and rhythm to fully engage young musicians on instruments.

Music Therapy

Therapeutic goal oriented sessions using music as a motivating tool.

Events/Music Camps

All-day music camps - rock with us when school is out for the day, or summer!

Group Lessons

Build confidence and musicianship while learning an instrument with friends.

Private Instrument Lessons

Individualized instruction that produces confident, creative musicians.


What Others Say

“Foundation Music School has been the cornerstone of my childrens' music education since birth. We love how Foundation Music School's programs are structured to grow with our children, and they are designed to nurture their natural rhythm and desire to make music and dance”

Kat, FMS Parent

“Music Therapy at Foundation Music School has been incredible for our child! We have seen more progress in our child's speech, voice support and breathing techniques here that at any other place we have gone”

Sally, FMS Parent

"I would highly recommend any of the classes to any parent looking to immerse their child in a fun, loving musical environment for a very reasonable price.”

Dan, FMS Parent

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