Music Therapy uses music and music experiences in a therapeutic way to enhance and help maintain physical, cognitive, psychological, and social well being. Foundation Music School offers small groups as well as individual music therapy for all ages and abilities. Individual sessions are set up based on your schedule. To find out more about our music therapy services or request services, please email us at or call us at 970-407-9084.


Do you have a therapy group for Preschool children?

Yes! Check out our Preschool Music Therapy & Social Skills Group.

This 45-minute group is for ages 3 through 5/6 years or in Kindergarten. This Music Therapy Group will focus on attention/impulse control, sharing/social skills, language development, academic and pre-academic skills and motor skills.

The day and time for this group will be determined by interested individuals. If you are interested in your child joining this group, please call us! 970-407-9084

What types of goals can be addressed in music therapy?

There are MANY goals that can be addressed in music therapy - the list below is just a small sample of goal areas and skills that one can work on during a music therapy session. Board-certified music therapists assess a client to determine their areas of need and if music is effective at addressing this area to determine the goals and objectives for music therapy.

Music Therapy can be utilized to work on:

  • Social skills such as making eye contact, turn-taking, peer interactions, learning greetings/goodbyes and initiating interaction
  • Emotional skills such as developing appropriate expression and regulation of emotions, alleviating stress, learning to identify one's own emotions and the emotions of others, and developing positive coping tools
  • Behavioral & Emotional Regulation
  • Motor skills such as strengthening fine and gross motor skills, improving range of motion, improving coordination and core/trunk strength and developing compensation strategies to achieve the highest level of independence
  • Speech and Language skills such as enhancing reception and expressive language, developing speech musculature, articulation, phonation, breath support, facilitating neurological development of speech and supporting the use of alternative communication aids
  • Cognitive skills such as building pre-academic/academic skills, increasing attention span, enhancing memory and following directions
How long are music therapy sessions?

Individual Music Therapy sessions can range from 30-minutes, 45-minutes or 60-minute sessions. The length of the session depends on the client age and level of attention, as well as skills the client is working on. The Music Therapist will recommend the session length that they feel is best for each client after the initial assessment based on a variety of factors.

For information on out-of-pocket rates, please call us!

How do I pay for Music Therapy Services?

There are several ways to pay for Music Therapy services.

  • Private Pay
  • Medicaid Waivers - we accept CES, SLS and CHRP waivers
  • Restricted Funds - Available through Foothills Gateway
  • HSA/FSA - available on a case-by-case basis and requires the families to work closely with the provider
When are Music Therapy Sessions held?

Individual Music Therapy sessions are scheduled based on your availability. When you call to request services, we will get your availability and match you up with one of our Board-Certified Music Therapists who can work within your availability.

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy uses music to address non-musical goals in many areas including speech/language skills, motor skills, attention/impulse control, cognitive development and socio-emotional skills. Music Therapy is provided by Board-Certified Music Therapists who have completed a 4-year degree program as well as an internship. Music Therapy is effective for a variety of individuals including those with Developmental Disabilities, individuals with physical and/or cognitive disabilities, individuals with mental health needs, early intervention and more.

To find out how Music Therapy can benefit you or your loved one, contact us for more information and an assessment!

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