Using Music to Help Your Child Grow

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There are so many benefits of music for babies and toddlers. Music is already part of your little one's life - more than you may realize. It's reassuring to know that all these benefits are absolutely positive benefits.

At Foundation Music School, we love how we use music and movement in a fun and developmentally appropriate way to engage our families with their babies and toddlers. In the midst of bouncing, singing, playing instruments, speaking rhymes and finger plays, and moving our bodies, there is growth taking place on many levels... and it's all so GOOD!

If you haven't yet attended a music and movement class with your little one, it's never too late. It's also never too early! We have classes for pregnant mommies (Bonding with Baby) and our Music for Babies and Music for Toddlers classes are for ages newborn and up. Fill out our free class preview form today and give one of our classes a try. It's a great time to discover for yourself just how valuable and fun music is for you and your baby.

For more information about the benefits of music for babies and toddlers, click here to read an article posted on the NYC Arts in Education Roundtable website.

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