Our Summer schedule is live!

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Can we just say how much we've missed our families over the past many weeks? It's so true!

For your safety and ours, and to meet our families in their personal comfort zones, we're offering live-stream, video recorded, and also very small, in-person classes for Summer 2020 at Foundation!

Please take a look at our summer schedule here on our website and take note of a few things...

  1. The first section of the schedule, in pink font, is for live-stream and video recorded classes
  2. The second section of the schedule, in blue font, is for our small in-person classes at FMS
  3. The final page of our schedule is a list of guidelines to follow for attending classes at FMS. Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines. Also please know this list isn't exhaustive and is subject to change at any time. If and when changes occur, we will notify our families via email, our newsletter and also on our website. Please check regularly for updates to the list.

We are so thankful for your faithfulness to us in finishing the spring semester with us. Now we're asking you to please enroll in and attend our summer classes! We took a hard hit as a non-essential business and also as a non-profit, but the hard hit has not dampened our spirits nor our love and joy in bringing music to our families. We ask that if you're able and willing, please use the donate button on our website to make a donation to FMS but most importantly, please enroll in classes and attend them!

Thank you, FMS Families and Friends!

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